Damit Damsealer - Seal Earth Dams easily

"We are very pleased with Damit Dam Sealer, a Product that is almost too good to be true."
"I was surprised when the water level started rising after just one week."
"Ons is baie tevrede met die produk. Indien die produk reg aangewend word, werk dit uitstekend met die seël van enige gronddamme."
  • Fix your leaking dam with DamIt
  • Apply directly to the water surface
  • No need to drain water or empty the dam
  • No need for expensive earth moving equipment
  • Fix it yourself as DamIt creates a permanent seal

DamIt™ Dam Sealer is an advanced, non-toxic, polymer powder which can be used to seal leaking dams and ponds. The polymer is applied to a leaking dam or pond by scattering the powder across the surface of the water.

DamIt™ Dam Sealer is designed with a positive charge which draws it downward through the water toward the bottom of the dam or pond. The water pressure (hydrostatic pressure), which causes the dam or pond to leak, forces the polymer down into cracks and crevices as it sinks to the bottom of the pond or dam.

Once activated with water, the polymer will expand in size and bind to other polymer particles to form larger groups of particles, which effectively slows and stops the leak. The polymer will continue to expand over several hours and forms a flexible plug that withstands water pressure.

The positive charge of the particles will also attract any silt and suspended matter in the water downward to the bottom, which acts to embed the polymer within the soil structure and minimise any disturbance or movement of the polymer that may be caused by future water inflows.

DamIt™ Dam Sealer is insoluble and will form a long-term plug, in cracks and porous soils. The polymer stays active when wet and can withstand continuous wet/dry cycles to accommodate rising and falling water levels due to seasonal water level variations in the dam or pond.

DamIt™ Dam Sealer is a rapid, cost effective solution for sealing water leaks and does not require earthmoving equipment or the emptying of dams and ponds; allowing you to save valuable water and keep the dam or pond in use while repairs are undertaken.

DamIt™ Dam Sealer works on a wide range of soil types; from clays to sandy loams and in a wide range of water types; from clear, pure drinking water through to saline water with high levels of suspended clays typically found in rural stock dams.

Note: Damit is not suitable for the following applications

  • Ponds made from fibreglass, plastic, rock or concrete – Damit is designed for earth dams only
  • Ponds with rubber or PE liners – Damit may work if you have a layer of clay/silt over the liner, but ideally Damit needs to be able to freely percolate into the soil
  • Small and/or shallow ponds – Damit expands significantly after application
  • Streams, water features or moving water – Damit is designed for still ponds and dams
  • Heavily planted ornamental ponds with reeds and grasses – Damit will attach to vegetation
  • Fish or aquaculture ponds. Damit is not toxic to fish but care should be taken to apply Damit in stages where fish are present to minimise any impact
  • Note Damit will reduce soil porosity but it is not a cure-all and we cannot guarantee use of this product will stop your leaks

The polymer is approved for use with potable water and is not toxic to humans, fish, aquatic plants or animals. DamIt™ Dam Sealer will eventually break down to form a harmless mix of water and carbon dioxide over time.

DamIt™ Dam Sealer is applied over the surface of the dam/pond at a rate of 1 litre of DamIt™ Dam Sealer powder per 10 square meters (or 107 square feet) of dam. If you have obvious signs of the leak (e.g. wet walls or water trickling out of ground), or you feel you know the general area causing the leak then DamIt™ Dam Sealer can be applied just to those areas of the dam/pond and a smaller amount of DamIt™ Dam Sealer will be required. Allow 1 x 15ltr pail per 150m2 (1600 sq ft) of surface area. One application is normally sufficient to stop leaks permanently.


Once applied to the water surface in the dam or pond, the granules of DamIt™ Dam Sealer will slowly settle on the bottom of the dam and be drawn into the cracks and crevices where water leakage is occurring.

DamIt™ Dam Sealer will then expand into these areas and bond with the soil and clay to form a barrier and plug the leaks, effectively stopping any further water loss.


Every dam and pond is a different shape, so it is only necessary to get an approximate measurement of the surface area of your dam. You can do this by either taking an estimate of the diameter of your dam as shown below, or the length and width.


It is recommended to allow for more area than you need rather than not enough. If you’re still not sure about how much you need, please contact us for assistance.

  • Rural and Farm Dams
  • Garden or Park Ponds
  • Golf Courses
  • Levee Banks
  • Irrigation channels
  • Ponds
  • Storm-water Channels
  • Artificial Wetlands
  • Storage Reservoirs
  • Water Features
  • Tailings Dams *

* Not suitable for highly acidic or alkaline tailings

  • Normally applied at 1Ltr/10m² of dam/pond surface area.
  • For high salinity increased dosage rates are required.
  • Activation Time: 0-2 hours
  • Fully Activated: 4-5 days
  • Expected Life In Soil: 5 years +
  • Shelf Life: 5 years in a dry sealed container
  • Store Between: 0°C – 50°C
  • Application Temperature: Water temps above 5°C
  • Clean Up Sweep up spills of dry DamIt™ Dam Sealer or, if wet hose off with large amounts of water
*One application is normally sufficient however difficult projects may require follow up application
  • DamIt™ Dam Sealer becomes very slippery when wet. The use of gloves is suggested when hand spreading to keep DamIt™ Dam Sealer dry until ready for use.
  • The container must be well sealed in high humidity to stop absorption of moisture, by the polymer, prior to use.
  • Discard any polymer powder which has been wet, forms lumps, or a slippery gel consistency.

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